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Scited is a startup looking to ​change the way scien​tists con​nect.

Our app is built to seek, forge, and grow relationships between you ​and experts you want to know and collaborate with.

The team behind Scited is working hard to bring you the best​ networking experience for your research career.

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Connect with ​like-minded ​profes​sionals

Scited connects you to people outside your usual ​circle with skills and expertise vital to your ​career goals.

Our built-in forums will enhance the way you ​handle group interests and scientific ​discussions.

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Build ​relationships​

Scited makes your connections count with ​minimum effort no matter where you are in ​the world.

Say goodbye to cold emailing and lost ​business c​a​rds.

Get involved with​ w​hat’s current

Scited introduces you to hot and current ​ themes making it easy to identify resea​rch gap​s​.

Ensuring 10X impact in your next resea​rch proje​ct.

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